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Ariol Capital is a private equity firm that makes long-term investments in established packaging companies in the middle market. Our company is formed by a group of successful business managers and investors who are passionate about building and growing healthy companies.

Ariol Capital provides not only capital but also management and operations experience to support long-term value creation. We take an active role in managing the day-to-day operations of the companies in which we invest in. Following an investment, we assume full-time management positions alongside the current management team, allowing the owner/operator to gain additional management talent or to transition out of a daily operating role if desired.

Value Proposition

We apply a unique philosophy to investing in small and medium businesses. The table below illustrates how Ariol Capital differentiates itself along several key dimensions.

  Ariol Capital Private Equity Funds Strategic Buyers Individual Investors
Value Creation Building and growing healthy companies Financial engineering and strategic oversight Acquisition integration and cost cutting Varies
Investment Horizon Long-term (no preset exit deadlines) 3 to 5 years (investment horizon restricted by life of fund) Long-term Varies
Source of Capital Group of highly successful business owners and investors Institutional investors (large endowments, pension funds and insurance companies) Varies Limited resources to invest and make ongoing improvements
Commitment We assume a full-time operating position and form a dedicated board of directors Occasional board level involvement (one of several portfolio companies) Varies (one of many divisions) Varies

Ariol Capital invests time and resources upfront to truly understand the business and its key drivers. During this process we hope to develop a lasting relationship with the owner/operator, which serves as a solid foundation for Ariol Capital's future involvement in the business.

Packaging Expertise

Our industry knowledge covers the entire value chain from basic chemicals through distribution across a wide range of materials, processes, and end markets.


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